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The Twin Cities largest Asian grocery


United Noodles is the largest Asian grocery in the Twin Cities, and claims to be the largest in the Midwest. They have a lot of foods for vegetarians and vegans, including a freezer case devoted to vegetarian foods like mock meats and various types of tofu. They also have many, many other products that can appeal to vegetarians, including canned mock meat, vegetarian sauces (like "Za Jiang" noodle sauce), vegetarian buns, dumplings, etc.

The store carries primarily Chinese and Japanese foods, but they also have items from Southeast Asia, Korea and India.

Besides food, they also sell Asian kitchenware and a small selection of Asian magazines and newspapers.

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I made my first trip to United Noodle this morning after years of hearing it described as the best place for Asian groceries. I arrived at 8 am to find that they don't open until 9 am. Thankfully, they saw me arrive and welcomed me just the same. I was limited by how much I could carry for the many miles home but I stocked up on tofu (99 cents!) spring roll wrappers (less than $2 for a good amount!) and rice noodles (99 cents!). I was thrilled with the prices and wished I could have bought so much more.

I was also impressed by the selection; most conventional grocery stores offer one or two tofu options, noodle options, etc. At United Noodles there was much more to choose from at better prices. I didn't get to check out their deli items or produce but just based on the prices/selection I saw I will be a regular customer from now on.

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United Noodles is definitely one of the best Asian groceries in the Twin Cities. however, even though it is fairly large, they still seem to abide by the unwritten law governing Asian groceries (and co-ops, for that matter), which states that there is always at least one of your favorite items that they don't have, and that at least one other Asian grocery does have. for example, Shuang Hur on Nicollet has some fake meats that United Noodles doesn't carry. and vice versa. so if you enjoy and have time for an afternoon of leapfrogging around to 3 different places, this isn't really a big deal; but at times it'd be nice to have a complete, one-stop shop.

one of the things i especially like about United Noodles is that their selection of dishes and bowls is unique, elegant, cute, and seems to be of a higher quality than other stores. and, of course, like everything else, the dishes are very inexpensive.

another nice touch is that they provide green tea to drink as you shop! it's probably best to peruse those ceramic dishes before you get all caffeinated, though.

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