Brewing Grounds for Change

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Very liberal coffee shop. Politically, I can align myself with this coffee shop and wish I came around more often. Last time I was there I think I had like a passion tea which was very good. Very cool place to hang out, and talk politics, if that's your cup of tea.

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This is my favorite coffee shop in Milwaukee. The guy who runs it, Matt, has always been a friend to animals and to vegans and even if the shop is struggling, he's always willing to donate items to local animal rights groups.

The service is friendly and the food and tea is good (I hear the coffee is good), but since it's run by volunteers, it will occasionally be closed for a few hours here and there if they have nobody to work. This is a great place to meet with a friend or have a small activist/business meeting because they have a table in the back room that can seat about 6-8 people.

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