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Greenville, South Carolina

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Natural Foods Store


Grocery store chain specializing in natural and organic foods. Whole Foods has a wide array of vegetarian and vegan food. They also have a bakery that makes a variety of vegan desserts. Their deli offers organic salads, vegetarian and vegan entrées, daily soups, a salad bar, and a warm food bar.

Their brand name products, 365, include a huge number of vegetarian and vegan products and are cheaper than usual.

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The store has a decent salad bar, and usually have several veg and at least a few vegan dishes on their hot food bar. Ingredients on the food bar and in the deli are listed for each item. Several items from the food bar and deli are packaged in the refrigerated side of the aisle so you can grab and go. There's usually several vegan breads, and one or two vegan cookies or muffins, in the bakery; they tell me they take special orders for vegan baked goods. There's a good selection of analogues (Yves, LightLife, etc), tofu/seitan, and vegan "dairy" products, and a number of packaged and frozen foods. Of course, like anywhere else, you need to read the labels. This is one of the smaller WF stores I've been in and selection isn't great, but they usually have enough good choices, albeit at a price. This area of SC is not super friendly to veg*ns, so it's nice to have WF here.

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Vegan products are sometimes hard to find here. For instance, I looked for nutritional yeast forever the other day. The mock chicken salad is awesome!

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