Native Foods

Los Angeles, California


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The service here was friendly, but it took forever for our food to arrive (at least 25 minutes). Also, the space upstairs for dining is tiny and kind of grungy and uncomfortable.

We found the food to be largely bland and uninspired. My philly cheese steak was spongy (both the bread and the seitan) and had no real flavor to it. My friend's Gandhi bowl does a disservice to the man it's named after (who believed in the inherent flavorful nature of vegetarian food), as it was basically a salad with leafy greens and some spices randomly tucked away at the bottom of the bowl.

The chicken wing appetizers were good, crispy and light. Our cheesecake was also good, though it wasn't made by Native Foods, and came in a plastic container. All in all, Native Foods in Westwood has much room to improve.

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The place was really hip, very small. I like california vegan on sunset better but i would recommend this place as well! also, they deliver!

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I had a mock roast beef sandwich with au jus sauce (I believe it was called the "California Dip") and it was pretty good. There were plenty of fried onions and the au jus was good, but a tad salty. The side of cole slaw was really good, and definitely more creative than the plain beans or rice, which were the other options for sides.

I also tried my friends "Ranchero" chicken sandwich, which was very good, and the chicken drumsticks, which were AMAZING. They tasted like KFC and their 12 herbs and spices. Scary.

I also had the peanut butter and chocolate parfait, which was pretty good, but was really rich.

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The service is fast but the food isn't the best tasting for the price. I ordered the philly cheesesteak and it left me with this not so pleasant feeling. The fries are okay and I would probably only come here again if I had no other options in the area.

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Native foods is by far the best vegan "fast foods" restaurant I've been to. The service is quick and the servers are very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend the Chicken Run Ranch Burger and the Peanut Butter Parfait. The best part is that Native Foods sells a cookbook which contains most of the recipes that are made in the restaurant, so you can try some of them on your own.

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Very good vegetarian restaurant. It surely rates at the top! Great food, location and atmosphere. Highly recommended!

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This is probably one of my favorite all time vegan places. The setting is pretty hip, and it's usually very busy/live. Their food is very unique; they don't just turn traditional meals into veggie versions, instead they have their own all veggie cuisine. Prices are not bottom cheap but it's well worth it.

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I love this place!!! The setting is really cozy and hip. The food is marvellous and the deserts are awesome!!! Definitely order their vegan carrot cake!!!

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