Great Sage

Clarksville, Maryland


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The food is very expensive (it's in a ritzy, secluded area), but they seem to be very picky about using healthful ingredients, and it's entirely vegan! Great for a special treat or if you can afford it. The lunch and dinner fare is just okay, with smaller portion sizes, but I've made several trips there just for dessert. The chocolate lava cake is great fresh, but the carrot cake is to die for and lasts great if you want to get it to go. You can also eat at the bar, which is nice, and that whole shopping block (Conscious Corner) is owned by the same vegan person, so it's a nice stroll around before or after eating.

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These folks just go flat out to make this such an incredible restaurant. Incredible food, a warm and really inviting atmosphere. And.... food made with real care and taste! It is why we go there over and over and over!

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I had a spectacular brunch at Great Sage. I started out my meal with a rooiboos chai "float" (made with vanilla soy ice cream). The waitress informed us that there were three breakfast specials: vegan lavender-cardamom pancakes (served with soy whipped cream!), orange cinnamon buns and a tofu quiche (stuffed with red peppers, corn and caramelized onions). I decided to order the lavender-cardamom pancakes, which were unusual but incredibly delicious. I also ordered a side of vegan sausage, which consisted of two perfectly-seasoned patties. Even though I was fairly stuffed by the time that our waitress came to tell us about the dessert specials, I couldn't resist ordering the chocolate lava cake (which was served a la mode and was also ridiculously good). My only regret in the entire meal was that I wasn't able to try the other two breakfast specials.

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I liked the atmosphere, concept and location of this restaurant. Service was friendly and prompt. But the food didn't stand out in my mind. My tomato tofu curry was a poor approximation of an Asian dish (though it was called a "fusion" dish) and makes me wonder if I shouldn't have ordered the meatloaf instead. My friend's penne-basil dish was much tastier, which gives me a hint that this place does European/American food better than any other genre on its menu. Our Earth Day-special "dirt cake" was minty, moist and delicious; our carrot cake, however, was mediocre and its frosting was overpowering. On a whole, I think Great Sage can improve, but they seem to be on the right track and I appreciate that they opened up in a difficult, remote, suburban area.

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I really enjoyed the food here and liked the fact that nearly everything on the menu can be made vegan (and gluten-free, if that's an issue).

I had the vegan lentil "meatloaf" with mashed potatoes and garlic broccoli. The flavors were good, but not spectacular. I tried my friend's roasted corn/black bean burger, which was very good, and another friend's Indian corn cakes with curried potatoes and chutney, which was amazing-very interesting and flavorful.

For dessert, we shared a vegan chocolate lava cake--which was one of the most delicious desserts I've ever had, vegan carrot cake--which was very rich and tasty, and really surprised me because it was gluten-free, and a vegan chocolate/mint shake--which was pretty good, but was a bit thin.

Overall, great experience, and it's right next to a fabulous natural grocery store, Roots, where you can stock up on all sorts of vegan goodies.

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