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LA's oldest natural foods cafe

Home-style vegetarian and vegan food featuring delicious homemade bread. For lacto-ovo vegetarians the Mushroom Walnut Loaf is a specialty. Their heaping dinner salads offer an excellent variety of crisp vegetables with a selection of tasty dressings. The Mexarama features their famous Savory Sauce.

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This will be my first review that is not raving in delight. The food is so-so, kind of bland. While I do go there anytime I'm in the South Bay (good location and I like to support veggie restaurants), the people at the front counter are pretty rude. Very unfriendly.

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I used to be a regular at this place and realized that when the owner was there he would look down upon my friends and I. Still I came to buy food there until i learned I can buy it in a box and heat up it in a microwave. The vibe there only caters to older people.

For example, my friends and I went there having a good time laughing in the back patio, and I guess people there didn't like it, so they told us to be quiet or they were going to kick us out. We weren't causing a ruckus, the odd thing was that the day before there was a table of women talking about sex and their boss (you get the picture) and what not, they were loud and obnoxious, but no one said a thing. Hmmm. Another time we bought about 80 dollars worth of food and we had no tip money due to a lost wallet, so with that I left a dollar, knowing I would come next time and leave more. The boss man got upset came out and gave us back our money telling us he works too hard for this kind of money. Well here's the secret to their food: Amy's vegetarian products. I guess they care more about the money rather than their customers, I'm never eating there again. The green temple is a mile away from there, it's way better!

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