Aster's Ethopian Restaurant

Austin, Texas


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This place was great! Their menu is two-sided: non-veg, and an entire vegetarian side that is essentially a whole vegan menu. I tried every single thing and loved all but the cold lentils (too tangy for me) and the collard greens. The spicy lentils were my favorite (although I did not perceive any heat in them), closely followed by the potato item and the cabbage. I'm not usually a fan of cabbage, but theirs was incredible. It all comes served on a plate of injera, the Ethiopian bread made from teff, and you can eat it traditionally with your hands and the bread, or they can bring silverware. They also bring plenty of injera, and you can order extra if you need it. I can't wait to go back for the lunch buffet.

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So I met this girl...and she happened to be a vegetarian. I found this sight looking for a good place to take her out for a nice dinner and I hit the jackpot.

Neither of us had ever tried Ethiopian food, but we left swearing to return. We each ordered a vegetarian sampler platter -it has every veg dish on the menu and I am told that everything on this platter was also vegan. It was a really large platter of food and each menu item I tried seemed tastier than the last. It was freakin' delicious. The platter had a very broad assortment of spicy (hot) and mild items and the flavors went from sweet to savory with hints of salty and bitter here and there.

#12, 13, and 15 on the menu were my personal favorites. The eggplant dish (#17) was pretty good too. I only say that because I don't normally like eggplant.

We also tried a glass of Ethiopian honey wine (mead). Sweet and delicious too!

I'll be back -hopefully I'll be bringing that girl I met...

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