Wheatsville Food Coop

Austin, Texas


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If I recall correctly, this co-op was originally all vegan. Now they have animal products throughout the store, but almost like an afterthought, and it is definitely stocked with all the same stuff you'd find in a health food store. Their bulk options are incredible (grains, legumes, flours, spices and herbs, snacks and candies) and they have a hot bar with varying amounts of vegan items. I am not too into the deli food as it's extremely salty, but there are always many, many vegan finds - including vegan doughnuts and other baked goods from a local vegan cooperative bakery (Red Rabbit). Last but certainly not least: with one exception, I've always discovered the staff to be genuinely friendly and helpful. Even if it wasn't incredibly veg-friendly, it would be hard to go back to a regular hierarchical/corporate grocery after experiencing what it's like to be the owner of a grocery co-op. It's right at the corner of a major bus stop and a cross-walk, and has plenty of spots to park your car, scooter, or bicycle.

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Shop here! Yes! They're a coop! If you're vegetarian/vegan, it likely has something to do with your personal philosophy about your body/the world. Coops go right along with that. The more we work together the better the world will be. As far as the store itself goes, their selection. They're a midsized store, and they have as much vegetarian grocery goods as anywhere in town. Unless your goal is the absolute cheapest groceries possible, shop here.

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Everyone must try the popcorn tofu. Its like popcorn chicken style, its sooooo yummy, whenever I'm craving greasy fried naughty food like that I go get the popcorn tofu, one day I'll try some other stuff there too, I'm sure its just as good, the grocery store is great for veggies

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