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I absolutely love Brasa! The food is delicious! They have a vegetarian menu; our waitress was very knowledgable about the food and checked with the kitchen if she didn't know about a particular item. I've had the rice and beans (SO good), crispy yuca, guacamole + chips, and fried plantains that melt in your mouth. The portions were perfect, as you can get small, medium, or large of any side you want, and the prices were fantastic. I definitely suggest trying this place out!

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Brasa, was quite a shock, I always assumed that there would be nothing there for vegans, I was very wrong. The black beans and rice are amazing, as are the chips and guac are great too, My favorite item on the menu are the crispy yuca fries. All the vegan items(check their web site) are fresh and tasty.

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