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I absolutely was overjoyed when Argo Tea was opened at ORD. I travel through there for several years. and still do occasionally does. stopping by Argo tea is always pleasant, the employees are always pleasant and courteous. The service is efficient and and fast. My beverage is always done the way I want. I cannot say enough on both terminals but especially E3

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Argo Tea is awesome. It's like Starbucks, but way better---it offers a few dozen varieties of high-grade loose-leaf teas, all set to go in lovely pots and, best of all, Argo offers vegan baked goods!

Up until recently, the only place I could find labeled vegan foods in an airport was French Meadow in the Lindbergh Terminal of the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. But Argo offers vegan chocolate chip, as well as lemon poppyseed, muffins. I got a delicious chocolate chip one, which was moist and filling, before my flight to NYC.

The tea they offer is delicious and well-selected. This isn't your average "black, earl grey or green" trifecta; at Argo you can get any number of amazing brews.

I love Argo. If they had hot vegan sandwiches/paninis I'd give them another star.

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