Terra Zen Centre Vegan Cafe

Amsterdam, Netherlands


rating star

I discovered them in the summer and I have been an addict ever since. Everything on their menu is just great - the ideal choice between Japanese and Caribbean, my two favs - and the people... I grant them all the business in the world because they are just the sweetest bunch.

Either I go for something intricately Japanese or for a simple veggie burger that is just off the planet - it silences my meat munching friends. I even took my parents once and my dad was so convinced by the vegan chicken curry, he whispered his doubts about the charming cook, convinced he was cheating the place :0P

I bring everyone I know there and they start bringing their people. TerraZen has to become so well-known that they will be forced to move to a bigger place to spread the goodness! All together a perfect place for great food and magical meetings...

rating star

I loved the food. For me it was the first time I ate vegan but it was a delicious first time! Don't expect a stylish restaurant but the atmosphere is okay.

rating star

Thoroughly enjoyed the visit to this small, quirky, centrally located vegan cafe in Amsterdam. Open for around four months, it is somewhat tucked away, so needs everyone to spread the word as I doubt there is little passing trade. Indeed, I was the only customer on an admittedly grotty Tuesday evening in January. The warm welcome was a contrast to the weather outside and the food and drink (I recommend the ginger soyamilk) was excellent. Well worth tracking down.

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