The Red Sea Nightclub, Bar, and Restaurant

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Red Sea Restaurant is now operating with a new manager.
Worth giving a second won't be sorry ...

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I've been there twice over the past couple years, and my conclusion is that it's ok but not great. I prefer Kilimanjaro next door, which I think has better tasting food.

Both the Red Sea and Kilimanjaro suffer from the giant TV, but I guess that's typical of a place that's also a bar.

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Red Sea offered solid, simple Ethiopian food. I enjoyed my split pea with injera dish; it was delicately spiced and tasted fresh. The portion size was large (and included two small sides of red lentils and spinach---for free, apparently) and nicely priced at $8.99.

I wasn't impressed with the ambience of the place, though. If it weren't for the kindred spirits with whom I was eating, I would have found it difficult to have stayed in there for too long. For one thing, there's sickly, dark lighting with some stray bits of neon near the counter/bar. The speakers played random music and the big screen tv's glare was hard to avoid. This isn't a good place to take a date or to enjoy a pleasant dinner. I'm not sure I'd want to be there for alcoholic drinks, either. Just too bleak.

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What a great meal! I ordered a lentil dish with berbere sauce (#53). It was flavorful and just a little spicy, and the portion was more than enough to fill me up. My friend had the dish with potatoes, green beans, and carrots in it (Faseola? I don't remember how to spell it) and his was very mild but had a nice glaze on it. The Injera was great, too. We each got a large portion of the dish we ordered and a small portion of what the other person ordered, so we could each try each other's. The meal also comes with an extra piece of Injera, which was nice. It was reasonably priced at 8-9 dollars per dish. We left the restaurant full and happy and will definitely return next time we are in the Cities.

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I loved the vegetarian dish. It's actually all vegan. I ate there with one of my closest friends who is Ethiopian (lived there for 22 of his 24 years of life) and he approved saying it was pretty similar to back home. He's ate at a few other Ethiopian places in the Twin Cities and this one is in his top 2, so I'd say that's a good sign.

I LOVED that they don't provide utensils - it makes the experience more authentic to how the food is supposed to be eaten in Ethiopian culture. It's about being culturally sensitive and not expecting every restaurant to accommodate to mainstream "American" culture. The more ethnic restaurants that stand up against trying to assimilate, the better.

The injera bread was delicious. All the tasty dishes were presented nicely, like paint on a palette. They tasted fresh, too.

Go with an open mind to trying a different kind of food from a culture not commonly represented in Minnesota. Enjoy the bread, enjoy the various tastes of vegan cuisine (a.k.a. "blobs") and feed those you're with at least 3 times. That's a traditional gesture in Ethiopian culture. It's showing you care about them.

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Their food was pretty good, but I much prefer Kilimanjaro next door. The lentils weren't cooked all the way through, i don't think and I agree that the spinach dish wasn't as good as it could have been - kind of bland. Also, they served their injeera (sp?) cold and as I think I've always had it warm other places? In any event. the veggie combo plate was plenty of food for two people, but the warm dishes weren't all warm - some were just luke-warm and I didn't like that much.

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Their food was exotic, but delicious. They had about 8 items that were vegan and all of them were quite tasty. Not quite as many options as "Evergreen" or "Ecopolitan", but the options they had were quality.

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This is a pretty nice place and the service is pretty friendly. I tried the vegetarian sample platter which was huge, and had various Ethiopian specialties served with Injera bread. I believe this dish is all vegan, although you can double check by asking the waiter. Additionally, its a very filling meal and can easily be split with someone else.

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Great food! The veggie sampler is all vegan and it's very yummy. It is also reasonably priced and filling. All the Ethiopian restaurants have great food, but I like the food at the Red Sea the most.

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I had never had Ethiopian food before, so this was quite an experience. My mom and I shared the Vegetarian platter (which, from the ingredients list, seemed to be Vegan as well). You get blobs of different weird stuff, some of which is spicy, some of which is mild. Nothing tasted that great, but it was edible. The weird thing is that you don't get any silverware - you just scoop up the goop with chunks of this weird bread. I doubt I'd eat there again, but I give it a five because at least it has vegetarian/vegan options. I haven't eaten out in like four months because I don't want the hassle of asking the server eight million questions. But now that I found this website, I won't have to!

Weird side note - the guy that runs sound at the club just got sent to jail for putting his girlfriend's fourteen-year-old daughter in a dog kennel. His girlfriend takes cover charges at the door, too. Creepy!

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